Plano Incapacity Attorney: How to Build an Alzheimer’s Care Team

Being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease can be emotionally draining and tumultuous time. But planning and developing your own care team can help ease some of the stress.

There are a few things to consider before you proceed to plan your care team:

First, why do you need to build a team?

A team helps reduce the feelings of stress and being out-of-control of your own life.

This group of people can help you live a better life during the early stages of the disease. With a team in place, you can make daily plans for living and emergencies, and each member can have specific roles if that suits your situation.

As it gets harder for you to function in the later stages of the disease, your team is already in place with specific instructions for you, created by you.

Next, who should you choose to be on your care team?

Typically you want family, friends, doctors,  and professional advisors (such as an incapacity/disability attorney, social workers, and care coordinators).

You also want to surround yourself with people that you trust to make important decisions should the time come.

Make sure your whole team understands your wishes, and then plan in advance for the long-term care you’d eventually like and the medical care you prefer.

If you live alone, you may want to enlist neighbors to help in the early stages as well. Community and church groups can also be asked to help with day-to-day tasks.

However, before you set your heart on any team member, you must talk to them and gauge their interest and willingness.

Be very specific with your needs and expectations, and understand that some people will not be able to join the team. Everyone has different responsibilities, such as family and work obligations that may limit their extra time. Thank them for being honest, and move on to your next available option.

You should also start scheduling consultations with professional advisors if you have not done so already.

A wise first step is to meet with an incapacity and disability attorney to begin the process of creating the legal documents you need, such as Powers of Attorney and Healthcare directives. This is not something that you should put off. The attorney may also help you implement an asset protection plan to ensure you can pursue long-term care options later.

These conversations open the door to other people who might want to come forward and offer their help. Take their help! Your support team will make the situations you face a bit easier and make a big difference in your quality of life.

If you have further questions about how to build a care team or create a long-term care plan when dealing with Alzheimer’s, give our law firm a call at (972) 905-4394 to schedule a consultation.

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