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This e-zine was originally sent on October 15, 2009.
“You are the same today as you’ll be in five years except for two things: the books you read and the people you meet.”
– Charlie “Tremendous” Jones


Well, I was a little premature last week.  My youngest daughter lost ANOTHER tooth, bringing her toothless grin to a grand total of FOUR teeth missing at once.  I promise we aren’t feeding her rocks!!!

I recently caught a story about something that I think is well worth 8 minutes of your time. It’s a thing of beauty. Perhaps you’ve already seen it? (4+ million already have on YouTube.)

It’s the winner of “Ukraine’s Got Talent” (did you know such a show existed? I know I didn’t!), and she’s a “sand painter.”

See it here: . It is just incredible.

With her “painting” (done live) she recounts Germany conquering Ukraine in the Second World War. She brings calm, then conflict: A couple on a bench becomes a woman’s face; a peaceful walkway becomes a firefight; a weeping widow morphs into a memorial for an unknown soldier. She moves the judges to tears as she subtitles the final scene “you are always near”.

Before I moved on to some more specific thoughts for you, I thought you’d appreciate seeing that.

So, moving on to this week’s Personal Strategy Note, I’m switching gears a bit. If you’ve already got an estate plan in place, this one’s for you…(and, of course–if you DON’T, call us now at 214-292-4225. It’s never too late for peace of mind!)

Aaron Miller’s
“Straight Talk” Personal Strategy
Maintenance Is For More Than Cars

Most people are smart enough to keep their cars in good working order–it requires tune-ups, an annual physical check-up, etc. But I’m always surprised by the common misconception about how often they should have their estate plan reviewed.

You see, most people see estate planning as something you “do once” and never have to think about again. That’s just flat incorrect. Just like your health can take a dramatic turn (for the better or worse) in a year, your estate planning decisions can change dramatically in a short period. Sometimes, something as simple happens as the people you’ve identified to serve as the guardians for your minor children move out of state. That’s just one of many good reasons to revisit your estate planning decisions.

Your estate plan is a “living and breathing” plan (at least when done right) and therefore has to be maintained to reflect your life as it is today.

If you have already prepared your estate plan–congratulations!  But now is the time to make sure that what you’ve put together will suit your needs NOW.

So, if you don’t have your estate plan in place, make today the day you take this important step for yourself and your loved ones.  And, if you’ve already taken this important step…let’s (together) make sure it lasts.

To your family’s wealth, health and happiness!

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