How can I prevent my new spouse and adult kids from fighting over my house when I’m gone?: Creating a life estate.

A common concern for those who have remarried is wanting to leave the bulk of their estate to their adult children without abandoning their current spouse. The solution? Create a life estate. A life estate allows a person to use a property for the rest of their natural life, but not own the property. For example, Larry in Texas lives with his second wife, Jane, and stepchildren on the ancestral farm he inherited Read More

What Can Adult Children Do When Elder Parents Need Help and the Spouse Disagrees?

It’s a common story among blended families: an aging parent becomes ill and the parent’s biological children clash with the parent’s spouse. While some of these disagreements are generally small, there are times when the disagreements are not only great, but the child also fears for the parent’s health and safety. Even though spouses have the privilege to make decisions on each other’s behalves, there are times when Read More

Important Considerations from a Celebrity Caregiver: Part III, Aging at Home

In the last two blog posts, we talked about Rob Lowe’s recent article in USA Today and his revelation that he was a caregiver for his mother who had stage IV cancer. In our first post, we discussed the desire for most Americans to age in place and not go to a nursing home. Unfortunately, most are unable to do that because they haven’t planned how to pay for it. In our second post, we addressed the need for caregivers Read More

Important Considerations from a Celebrity Caregiver: Part II, Caring for the Caregiver

In our last post, we discussed Rob Lowe’s recent article in USA Today on the period of time in which he, along with his brothers, was the caregiver for his mother who had cancer. We looked at ways people can age at home without having to rely on family members. This week let’s look at the family caregivers who are called upon to care for loved ones. As he mentions in his article, one of the most important things Read More

Important Considerations from a Celebrity Caregiver: Part I, Paying for Care

In a recent article in USA Today, Rob Lowe revealed that several years ago, he and his siblings cared for his mother with stage four breast cancer. Although he mentioned several things that are important, there were two points that he made that I wanted to highlight, and a third, more subtle point that he mentioned that people don’t think about. We will address these in the next three blog posts. First, he Read More

Does Your Loved One have Early Dementia? They need an estate plan

If your loved one was recently diagnosed with dementia or a similar illness, you’ve probably been overwhelmed with advice from doctors, family members, and friends, and you may not know what next steps you should take. One thing that you may not have considered is getting a proper estate plan in place during dementia’s early stages. Unfortunately, dementia can take quite an emotional and financial toll on the Read More

Collin County Probate Lawyers: Avoiding Probate with a Roth IRA

Many people plan for their retirement by using Roth IRAs due to their great tax benefits, but most don’t know that Roth IRAs are also excellent for avoiding probate. First, here are some basics about tax planning with Roth IRAs that Collin County probate lawyers typically go over with their clients: Unlike traditional IRAs and other retirement accounts, contributions to a Roth IRA are not tax deductible. Read More

Plano Will Lawyer Offers Essential Estate Planning Considerations for Parents

Being a responsible parent is usually associated with bedtime stories with toddlers, homework reminders for grade schoolers and trying to decide whether or not your teenager is responsible enough to drive to school on his or her own. Creating an estate plan for those children is not something we usually associate with responsible parenting, but it is just as important as everything else. No one likes to think Read More

Plano Probate Attorney Reveals 8 Important Steps to Take After the Death of a Loved One

As a Plano Probate Law Office, we are commonly asked, “What are the most important steps I need to take after the death of a loved one?” While each situation is different, there are eight general tasks that we advise families to start with when attempting to finalize their loved one’s affairs and close out the estate. They are as follows: 1. Secure all property- Secure and lock up all property and valuables, Read More

Plano Will and Trust Lawyer: How to Ensure Your Estate Plan Doesn’t Spark a Family Feud

Unfortunately, family feuds that center around someone’s will or trust are a tale as old as time. Even if this is not something you have personally experienced, you may have heard a few horror stories. While family squabbles after the death of a loved one are not always avoidable, there are a few strategies that can be utilized to decrease the possibility: If you have dependents, plan for the “what if.” Read More