The Letter of Intent as a Part of Your Special Needs Planning in Plano

The documentation that you create with your special needs planning lawyer in Plano will be quite detailed and will take an incredible amount into consideration, but it will likely not cover every possible concern or wish you may have for your child’s future care.  For that purpose, many parents work with their lawyer to create a Letter of Intent. The Letter of Intent is like a personal letter, rather than being a Read More

Business Planning for the Unexpected in Texas

Business planning tends to revolve around where you are right now, where you’re going in the near future, and hopefully, where you’re going to be quite some ways down the road. One aspect of business planning in Texas that is easily overlooked, however, is what happens to the business after you are gone. Sure, there may be succession plans in place in preparation for your retirement, but what is going to happen if Read More

Probate Tips for Getting Through the Process Faster and with Less Hassle in Collin County

Probate lawyers in Plano are well aware of the hassles and headaches that families can face when a loved one’s estate goes into probate. Sometimes the process can drag out, eating up not just time but also resources that would have otherwise gone to beneficiaries. Appointed executors sometimes find themselves with burdensome responsibilities that can compound their grief. To navigate the process as quickly and Read More

Four Reasons You Need a Will Now, According to a Plano Wills and Estates Lawyer

Of course, it makes sense that a Plano wills and estates attorney would tell you to create a will, right? Our job is to help people plan for what will happen to their estates once they’re gone. But, having been involved in estate planning in Plano for such a long time, it’s clear that message of proper planning is something more people still need to hear. That’s why I’ve put together a list of four brief reasons Read More

Wills and Trust Administration Basics in Plano: What Does It Mean to Contest a Will?

When it comes to the administration of your will in Plano, you likely assume that the hard work and planning you put in with your lawyer will ensure everything goes off without a hitch. The good news is that this is precisely what happens the majority of the time. Wills and trust administration is a big job, and the sole purpose of creating a will is to make your wishes as clear as possible to simplify the Read More

Your Plano Trusts and Estates Attorney Can Help Plan for Your Religious Needs

When it comes to Plano estate planning, most of us are aware of the common things we need to discuss with our attorney. There are so many financial concerns, legal concerns, and even personal concerns regarding a person’s inheritance and other desires. However, when it comes down to honoring our deepest religious or spiritual desires, many people overlook the necessity of incorporating such wishes into their Read More

Frequently Asked Questions About Probate In Collin County

Frequently Asked Questions About Probate In Collin County Probate lawyers in Collin County understand that while we’re well-versed in the probate process, it is a whole new world to most of our clients. That means that you likely have lots of questions that you need answered. Fortunately, answering those questions is exactly what we do! Do the Collin County Probate Courts Have to Be Involved If Someone Dies Read More

Check The Oil, Rotate the Tires, and Update Your Estate Plan, Says Plano Wills Lawyer

Check The Oil, Rotate the Tires, and Update Your Estate Plan, Says Plano Wills Lawyer By Aaron Miller, Plano wills lawyer If you own a car, you know it needs regular maintenance to perform well and be reliable. When you purchased your car, you probably received a recommended schedule for service. If you follow that schedule, most likely your car will continue to work well. If you don’t follow that schedule, you Read More

Plano Estate Planning Lawyer Discusses Protecting Your Kids Should Something Happen to You

Plano Estate Planning Lawyer Discusses Protecting Your Kids Should Something Happen to You One of my greatest passions as a Plano estate planning lawyer is educating parents about how important it is to prepare for their sudden death. Not a fun topic I realize; unfortunately, I’ve seen it happen. It just takes one sad circumstance of parents passing away and leaving the kids to deal with squabbling relatives to Read More

“Pre-planning Your Funeral is Essential, but Think Twice Before Pre-Paying” Warns Plano Will and Trust Lawyer

By Aaron Miller, Plano Will and Trust Lawyer Based on what I am seeing as a Plano will and trust lawyer, more and more people are considering pre-planning and pre-paying for their own funeral. For years I have recommended that my clients include their wishes for their final arrangements in their estate plans, but more and more people are bringing it up proactively. Some of the reasons that people want to take Read More