Plano Estate Planning Lawyer: 3 Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Recent studies have shown that only a little more than half of all Americans have a Will or Trust document in place to direct their estate after they pass away, and that the vast majority of those documents have not been updated in the last five years. Even worse, it’s been reported that most adult children are unaware if their parents even have an estate plan and would be unable to find estate planning documents, if Read More

Plano Estate Planning Attorney: What’s the Difference Between an Executor and a Power of Attorney?

One of the many questions Plano estate planning lawyers get asked is how long is a Power of Attorney effective? The answer to that question is complicated in the beginning, but very simple at the end: depending on what type of Power of Attorney you have, it may be in effect as soon as it’s signed (Durable Power of Attorney) or only when it’s determined that you can no longer handle your own financial affairs Read More

Plano Special Needs Lawyer: Will Receiving an Inheritance Cause Me to Lose My Government Benefits?

As a Plano special needs lawyer, I often receive questions about whether a disabled individual can continue to receive benefits after receiving an inheritance. The answer is that it really depends on the type of benefit that is being collected. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) SSDI is a government benefit that helps those with disabilities. Individuals are eligible to receive SSDI if they are Read More

Ask a Plano Probate Lawyer: “My Mother Just Passed-Away. What Paperwork Do I Need?”

After the loss of a loved one, there’s so much to do. You need to communicate with family members, plan the funeral, and begin the process of settling their estate. As a Plano probate lawyer, I can help you along these lines by giving you a list of important documents that you should gather to begin closing out your loved one’s final affairs. The documents needed will vary depending on the person and their assets. As Read More

Soon-to-Be Parents – Here’s One More New Thing to Learn! | Plano Guardianship Lawyer

You are pregnant! Congratulations! Your world is about to become brighter and sweeter than you ever imagined. I know that you are in the process of learning a lot of new things. So, as your neighborhood Plano guardianship lawyer, I’m hoping that in between the baby showers and reading “What to Expect,” you spend a couple of minutes reading this. You know that you are responsible for raising your child from newborn Read More

Compensation for Being Your Parent’s Caregiver | Plano Elder Law Attorney

If you are providing care to your parent, you are probably doing it without being asked and without compensation. It probably isn’t on your mind at all. But, I can tell you as a Plano elder law attorney, it should be. As a society, we value our elders and provide the care they need without being asked, just as they did for us. In most cases, the last thing on a caregiver’s mind is being compensated for their time. Read More

Ask a Plano Estate Planning Lawyer: “I Just Discovered a Long-Lost Sister. Can She Inherit Dad’s Estate?”

This may sound straight out of a movie, but our Plano estate planning lawyers have actually received a few calls like these. A long-lost child appears after the death of their parent. This is an alarming situation for so many reasons, but people often wonder if that child has a claim against the deceased’s estate. The answer is yes, but only if you do not have a will or trust in place. When a person passes Read More

Be Organized and Ready When Meeting With Your Plano Trust and Estates Attorney

To better streamline the Texas estate planning process, it can be incredibly helpful to do a bit of organizing before meeting with your attorney. This allows you to feel confident in what you’re doing, as well as minimize the time spent. Both you and your lawyer will benefit from clear, concise communication, and if anything is missing, it will be considerably easier to discover and remedy the situation up front. Read More

The Letter of Intent as a Part of Your Special Needs Planning in Plano

The documentation that you create with your special needs planning lawyer in Plano will be quite detailed and will take an incredible amount into consideration, but it will likely not cover every possible concern or wish you may have for your child’s future care.  For that purpose, many parents work with their lawyer to create a Letter of Intent. The Letter of Intent is like a personal letter, rather than being a Read More

Business Planning for the Unexpected in Texas

Business planning tends to revolve around where you are right now, where you’re going in the near future, and hopefully, where you’re going to be quite some ways down the road. One aspect of business planning in Texas that is easily overlooked, however, is what happens to the business after you are gone. Sure, there may be succession plans in place in preparation for your retirement, but what is going to happen if Read More